Free Standing Home Office Furniture Furniture

Recognising the growing trend for working from home, The Real Kitchen Co has introduced its ‘Free Standing Home Office Furniture’ range.

The home offices – beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right, will add style to any room or space within the home. Once opened up, they provide an organised office space.

Available in two sizes, the home offices can be complemented be equally attractive pieces of supplementary furniture.

A new retail brochure and price list (accompanied by a trade price list) is now available.

View our online Home Office brochure

What is a ‘Slab’ Door?

A slab door is a cabinet door that features a completely flat panel  without any raised or recessed features; its often referred to as a flat panel door.

 A slab door can be used within an ‘in-frame’ context – where the door is hung within a door frame or within a ‘lay on’ context, where the door sits over the front 4 edges of the cabinet.

The slab door can be used in a traditional context, particularly when applied to an in-frame approach with a traditionally mounted knob or handle. Alternatively, an altogether more contemporary or modern approach can be achieved with a handless design combined with exciting finishes to include unusual or bold paint colours or timber / veneer effects.

A handless slab door lends itself to modern European, furniture designs where clean  fuss free surfaces help to achieve a linear, minimalist design. In these instances, doors can be opened via a ‘push to open’ door mechanism or an integrated / concealed handle design such as a ‘J’ pull built into the doors top edge or a ‘scalloped’ handle where a finger recess has been built into the leading edges of the doors.

At the Real Kitchen Co. we offer both in-frame and lay-on slab door furniture designs in traditional and contemporary styles.

Is my Kitchen Big Enough for an Island?

The benefits of an island can be many. From simply adding additional storage and work-surface to providing a breakfast bar and a home for appliances;  there’s certainly no denying the usefulness of an island. The question is how do you know if you have enough space for such an item?

 As a rule of thumb, you need approximately 1 metre (3’ in old money) between the sides of an island and any wall or base cabinets. This space is required to enable you to not only manoeuvre around the kitchen with ease, but also, to allow you to fully open all cabinets and drawer boxes. For example, to fully open and pull down a dishwasher door takes a considerable amount of space and if there is a breakfast bar or integrated seating arrangement.

Besides space, the other consideration if you are to have it as a working island, is the practicality of getting services to the island such as water and electricity; almost anything is possible but of course, such requirements do have an impact on installation costs and this needs to be taken into consideration when planning your budget.

If you have your heart set on an island, but don’t feel you have enough space then talk to the Real Kitchen Co. With the Real Kitchen Co anything is possible since our bespoke manufacturing capability means that we can produce furniture to any shape or size; this greatly opens up the realms of possibilities that are often lost with brands offering standard sized cabinetry.

What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Buyer beware! There are many misconceptions of what a bespoke kitchen should be; the reality is that it’s all about the levels of service on offer that determine the level of product flexibility.

 The definition of the word ‘bespoke’ is anything that has been produced to order with some input from the customer. This means that technically, even some of the cheapest budget kitchens could be construed as being bespoke if the customer was offered a choice of handles of colours at the point of ordering!

Even those with large budgets, seeking ‘trophy’ kitchen furniture brands can pay a large premium for what is a relatively restricted specification based on pre-set brochure ranges; once again, a choice of finishes handles or worktops is all it takes to class the furniture as ‘bespoke’

What you need to determine is the difference between ‘bespoke tailoring’ of pre set designs and that of a ‘true bespoke design and manufacturing service.’

A ‘true bespoke design and manufacturing service’ such as that offered by the Real Kitchen Co’s ‘Classic Range’ will go a much greater distance to achieving your exact tastes and requirements.

Such a service offers cabinet size and shape flexibility allowing the designer to more readily exploit the dimensions of your available space – this is perfect for a period property where one often experiences extreme architectural dimensions, shapes and features to work around.

The service also allows you a vast variety of door designs as well as finishes to include specific paint shades and beautiful  natural timbers.

As you would expect, with furniture of this calibre, all the hallmarks of the master cabinet maker are present and include solid oak dovetailed drawer boxes; sturdy – veneered timber cabinetry and doors hung within a frame using recessed butt hinges. This is furniture fit for generations of use.

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen (or Shaker door style) is possibly the most common kitchen style because of its simplistic and versatile door design that lends itself to a multitude of looks and finishes.

The Shaker kitchen concept owes its existence to the Shaker Christian – religious sect, founded in 18th century England and eventually settling in Colonial America. The name ‘Shaker’ is derived from the often ecstatic behaviour displayed during worship.

The Shaker lifestyle was one of simplicity and efficiency; these characteristics were echoed in the design of their furniture – the kitchen being the perfect example.  

The true, original Shaker kitchen was devoid of any frivolity or decorative embellishments; walls featured pegs on which utensils and pans were hung, whilst the furniture itself featured a simplistic, plain, 5 x piece door design.

An outer, square edged 4 X piece frame (2 x side pieces known as stiles and 2 x top pieces, known as rails) held in place a flat centre panel.

Today, we have many subtle variations on the Shaker door design but its flexible design virtues means that there isn’t a single furniture brand that doesn’t offer a Shaker design within its product rang.

The simplistic, timeless design makes the door style both timeless and versatile. Dress the furniture with profiled granite, old style door knobs and a butler’s sink for a traditional town or farmhouse look.

Alternatively, use a modern – bright coloured – plain profiled worktop and splash-backs, together with stainless steel handles, appliances, accessories and a bold colour shade to achieve a chic design perfect for any modern living space.

The Real Kitchen Co. offer various versions of the Shaker Kitchen to suit a variety of budgets and of course tastes. Bespoke in-frame Shaker can be styled traditionally or in a contemporary way and a ‘lay on Shaker’ door dispenses with the outer frame bringing the price point down. However, for those wanting an in- frame look but with a ‘lay on’ – reduced budget, The Real Kitchen Co’s ‘Real Simple’ ranges clever design successfully blends both styles at a very competitive price point.