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Free Standing Home Office Furniture Furniture

Recognising the growing trend for working from home, The Real Kitchen Co has introduced its ‘Free Standing Home Office Furniture’ range. The home offices – beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right, will add style to any room or space within the home. Once opened up, they provide an organised office space. Available in […]

What is a ‘Slab’ Door?

A slab door is a cabinet door that features a completely flat panel  without any raised or recessed features; its often referred to as a flat panel door.  A slab door can be used within an ‘in-frame’ context – where the door is hung within a door frame or within a ‘lay on’ context, where […]

Is my Kitchen Big Enough for an Island?

The benefits of an island can be many. From simply adding additional storage and work-surface to providing a breakfast bar and a home for appliances;  there’s certainly no denying the usefulness of an island. The question is how do you know if you have enough space for such an item?  As a rule of thumb, […]

What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Buyer beware! There are many misconceptions of what a bespoke kitchen should be; the reality is that it’s all about the levels of service on offer that determine the level of product flexibility.  The definition of the word ‘bespoke’ is anything that has been produced to order with some input from the customer. This means […]

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen (or Shaker door style) is possibly the most common kitchen style because of its simplistic and versatile door design that lends itself to a multitude of looks and finishes. The Shaker kitchen concept owes its existence to the Shaker Christian – religious sect, founded in 18th century England and eventually settling in […]