Free Standing Furniture

The Real Kitchen Co offers a range of free standing furniture that offers your customers new levels of flexibility. Not only can the pieces of furniture be positioned anywhere within the home, but also, they can be supplemented with additional items to create a room space that’s ideal for your customers needs – with the added benefit that they can move the furniture from room to room or even from home to home.

This furniture is created in The Real Kitchen company’s own workshops to the same exacting levels of quality and finish as the fitted furniture. It comes ready assembled and can be finished in a colour of your customers choice.

There’s no designing or fitting for your team to do……..all you have to do is simply order it!

Real Stacker is a range of furniture modules that can sit side by side and be ‘stacked’ on top of each other to create a furniture configuration that suits both your requirements and the interior look you wish to achieve.

The modules come ready assembled and finished in a bespoke colour shade of your choice.

More people than ever before are working from home and with improved communication technology, the numbers are rapidly increasing.

Whether you have the luxury of a dedicated room for a home office or you’re struggling to organise your work space from the dining room table, The Real Kitchen Co’s Free Standing Home Office’s are the perfect solution with a range of complementary pieces of furniture to fulfil all your needs.

As beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right – they will also add visual appeal to any home.