Fitted Furniture Ranges

The Real Kitchen Co is a bespoke manufacturer of furniture in the truest sense of the word; you can achieve any style, finish or specification. With this in mind, the intention of our furniture ranges is to offer guidance as to some of the many design and finish possibilities available. It is entirely possible to mix specifications, finishes and furniture style from across the ranges in order to fully answer your customers personal tastes and requirements.

Real Classic is our ‘In-Frame’ range. Our design and specification flexibility enables you to achieve a wide range of styles within a broad price spectrum.

All our cabinets are screwed together and are available to any size complemented by solid timber, dovetailed drawer-boxes on soft close systems.

We offer a broad selection of natural timbers, veneers and the ability to custom-paint in any shade your customer might choose. Alternatively, we can supply primed for your team to paint on site.

Real Simple offers your customers the sophisticated in-frame look but at a ‘lay-on’ price point.

A broad selection of furniture colours, cabinet – carcass finishes and cabinet sizes give you the flexibility to tailor a wide range of looks.

Real Green is the UK’s first fully accredited, sustainable furniture range, being made from bamboo – a material that once cut very quickly replenishes itself.

Use it for in-frame, lay-on – traditional or modern; show its natural patina, paint it or combine finishes to great visual effect.

Real Retro gives that chic look of the 1960’s and brings it bang up to date with levels of quality and finish flexibility that simply wasn’t available 50 years ago!