Sustainability and Environmental Values

The Real Kitchen Co has always taken its impact on the environment very seriously introducing many manufacturing and finishing practices, conducive to minimising its impact on the environment, well ahead of other furniture manufacturers – such as its use of a water based paint system.

All timbers, veneers and wood related products, used in manufacturing, are all from FSC approved sources. No timber is wasted with the smallest ‘offcuts’ being used in the workshops carbon neutral heating system. This helps to maintain an optimum temperature – conducive to wood working.

In 2018, The Real Kitchen Co introduced ‘Real Green;’ the UK’s first fully accredited – sustainable kitchen furniture range. The range uses solid bamboo in its construction; a material that once cut, very quickly replenishes its self. The fact that bamboo is a dense, hard and solid material makes ‘Real Green’ the ideal choice for today’s busy, family kitchen spaces.