What is a Bespoke Kitchen?

Buyer beware! There are many misconceptions of what a bespoke kitchen should be; the reality is that it’s all about the levels of service on offer that determine the level of product flexibility.

 The definition of the word ‘bespoke’ is anything that has been produced to order with some input from the customer. This means that technically, even some of the cheapest budget kitchens could be construed as being bespoke if the customer was offered a choice of handles of colours at the point of ordering!

Even those with large budgets, seeking ‘trophy’ kitchen furniture brands can pay a large premium for what is a relatively restricted specification based on pre-set brochure ranges; once again, a choice of finishes handles or worktops is all it takes to class the furniture as ‘bespoke’

What you need to determine is the difference between ‘bespoke tailoring’ of pre set designs and that of a ‘true bespoke design and manufacturing service.’

A ‘true bespoke design and manufacturing service’ such as that offered by the Real Kitchen Co’s ‘Classic Range’ will go a much greater distance to achieving your exact tastes and requirements.

Such a service offers cabinet size and shape flexibility allowing the designer to more readily exploit the dimensions of your available space – this is perfect for a period property where one often experiences extreme architectural dimensions, shapes and features to work around.

The service also allows you a vast variety of door designs as well as finishes to include specific paint shades and beautiful  natural timbers.

As you would expect, with furniture of this calibre, all the hallmarks of the master cabinet maker are present and include solid oak dovetailed drawer boxes; sturdy – veneered timber cabinetry and doors hung within a frame using recessed butt hinges. This is furniture fit for generations of use.