What is a Shaker Kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen (or Shaker door style) is possibly the most common kitchen style because of its simplistic and versatile door design that lends itself to a multitude of looks and finishes.

The Shaker kitchen concept owes its existence to the Shaker Christian – religious sect, founded in 18th century England and eventually settling in Colonial America. The name ‘Shaker’ is derived from the often ecstatic behaviour displayed during worship.

The Shaker lifestyle was one of simplicity and efficiency; these characteristics were echoed in the design of their furniture – the kitchen being the perfect example.  

The true, original Shaker kitchen was devoid of any frivolity or decorative embellishments; walls featured pegs on which utensils and pans were hung, whilst the furniture itself featured a simplistic, plain, 5 x piece door design.

An outer, square edged 4 X piece frame (2 x side pieces known as stiles and 2 x top pieces, known as rails) held in place a flat centre panel.

Today, we have many subtle variations on the Shaker door design but its flexible design virtues means that there isn’t a single furniture brand that doesn’t offer a Shaker design within its product rang.

The simplistic, timeless design makes the door style both timeless and versatile. Dress the furniture with profiled granite, old style door knobs and a butler’s sink for a traditional town or farmhouse look.

Alternatively, use a modern – bright coloured – plain profiled worktop and splash-backs, together with stainless steel handles, appliances, accessories and a bold colour shade to achieve a chic design perfect for any modern living space.

The Real Kitchen Co. offer various versions of the Shaker Kitchen to suit a variety of budgets and of course tastes. Bespoke in-frame Shaker can be styled traditionally or in a contemporary way and a ‘lay on Shaker’ door dispenses with the outer frame bringing the price point down. However, for those wanting an in- frame look but with a ‘lay on’ – reduced budget, The Real Kitchen Co’s ‘Real Simple’ ranges clever design successfully blends both styles at a very competitive price point.